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Dry Soil Removal

A rug acts as a giant filter and will trap dry contaminants. One the Most Destructive Elements to a Rug is Dry Soil

Pet Odor Removal

You love your rug. You love your pet. Sometimes your pet loves your rug. Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal from Your Rugs


Traditional Hand Wash

Detailed cleaning, by hard, allows a rug to be treated with a higher level of detail. Rugs Have Been Washed by Hand for Thousands of Years.

Dye Bleed Prevention

Not all colors in a rug will stay where they are supposed to. Pre Treatments to Make Sure the Colors in Your Rug Don't Run

Color Correction

Colors can move on a rug from improper cleaning, and sometimes the humidity in a house, or pet accidents. Does Your Rug have Previous Color Bleed?

Area Rug Repair

Even with great care, rugs can become damaged. Do You Have Damaged Fringe, Backing, or Foundation Tears?

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Have your rug cleaned properly

You bought your rug for a reason.

Maybe it ties the room together.

Maybe it has been in the family for a long time.

Either way, it’s your duty to keep it at its best.

The problem is, you can’t clean it yourself.